Bearded Reedling

Panurus biarmicus

12 cm

16-18 cm

minor concern


invertebrates and seeds


The feathers of its showy mustache, which gives it its name, are designed to attract females. The most genetically fit and well-fed are those that develop a more attractive mustache. This species practices polygyny: a male has more than one female and manages several nests.

In fact, even the penis of breeding males has a globular shape to be able to accumulate a lot of sperm and come into contact with different females in a short time and fertilize them all. Males that do not breed make groups of singles

Currently, in Catalonia, it can only be seen in the Pantà d’Utxesa (Segrià) and in the Estany d’Ivars and Vila-sana, with a total of about 35 breeding nuclei between the two natural spaces.