The artist

Swen Schmitz Coll

“Born in 1995 in Freiburg, Germany and rooted in Catalonia since his first summer.“

The main source of inspiration and motivation for the work is nature and the relationship we have, with the certainty that the relationship with it is so good for us, will be the relationship between us and ourselves.

His work

It is a naturalistic work with an accent on colour, which has the personal experience of travel, external and internal, and everyday life as a fertile land where we grow and develop.

Creating from a constant and fervent search of one’s experiences in relation to the world, large and vast, through drawing and painting, expressed in illustration in small formats and large murals.

The street is the stage. The mural is the language open to all; it is available for everyone to experience.

Accompanying the creative and plastic process, the words are linked in the form of a resource and help to weave a deep and light ideology to discover answers to great questions. “